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Marco Arte

Marco Arte

Store Marcoarte

We sell standart and three-dimensional canvases, racks to mount, mat, foam board of various thicknesses (3, 5 and 10 mm). W e also have photo frames of different sizes, racks for canvas, machinery and needles for craft clock, mats and pen stand. And not forgetting our outlet of frames made of various sizes and at a great price.

On request we also have picture hanging systems, wall or ceiling systems. For this see the "picture hanging systems" section.

Delivery service. Sale and distribution throughout Europe. Feel free to contact if something interests you.

Original works of:

- Chelín - An acryl painting on canvas and several colour paintings on paper. Mim-Arte offer !!

- Laureano Vidal - Oil painting on board.

- Victoriano Fernández - An oil painting on canvas. Mim-Arte offer !!

- Jose Luis Busto: "Meninas". Oil paintings on cardboard. There are twoo different.

- Varela Guillot - Watercolor and pastel paintings. Mim-Arte offer !!

- Vicente Roura - Oil paintings on board and acrylic paintings on canvas.

- Amalia Rodriguez - New watercolor paintings of A Corunna.

- Raul Alvarez - Watercolor and acrylic paintings on paper.

- Alberto Piret - Watercolor paintings.


Socorro street, 2 - 15003 A Corunna. Telephone: 0034659017907.

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